Many yards in America are watered using a sprinkler system. If you don’t have a sprinkler system installed yet, then now might be a great time to think about installing one. Sprinkler systems don’t just save you time and effort, but they also save a lot of water. If your sprinkler system has started giving you trouble, then you might want to watch for nearby tree roots as they can damage the sprinkler system.

Can Tree Roots Damage a Sprinkler System?

Tree roots make their way through the ground and pull water to help the tree grow. Traditionally, some large tree roots will also branch out into the sides of the garden. Obstacles move, but tree roots just keep growing – and can grow for decades under the perfect conditions.

Here’s what to know about the damage that tree roots can cause to a sprinkler system. In this article, we will help you learn how to spot which tree roots could pose a problem to your irrigation system.

Can Tree Roots Damage a Sprinkler System?

Yes, tree roots can damage your sprinkler system. In fact, it’s one of the most common issues that can affect how well your sprinkler system works.

Any sprinkler system that has been installed can become entangled in a tree root. This is especially true if the sprinkler system and the tree have shared the space for a long period of time.

Is your sprinkler system malfunctioning? Is there a large tree close to the underground irrigation system? Tree roots might be the problem if you can identify any other signs of spread-out tree roots.

Signs of a Damaged Sprinkler System

The great news is that a damaged sprinkler system is easy to spot. If your sprinkler system stops working altogether or stops working as well as it’s supposed to, you know there is a problem.

If the problem isn’t a result of a leak or the water pressure, it could mean that there is an obstruction or cut-off of the flow somewhere in the line. This is where tree roots can become a problem.

Chances are you have seen pictures of tree roots spreading out and lifting up concrete, bricks, or parts of a lawn. If you have, then you will also have a good idea of the damage that tree roots can cause to a sprinkler system.

Can You Fix Tree Root Damage to a Sprinkler System?

In most cases, it is possible to fix sprinkler system damage that has been caused by tree roots.

Unless the damage is severe, it’s possible to dig up the part of your sprinkler system that the tree roots are affecting.

For older trees, it’s possible to cut back the root so that it’s no longer in the way of the sprinkler system. Remember that regrowth could mean that it becomes a problem again in a few years. Due to this, some people will opt to have the tree removed altogether.

Other Signs of Tree Root Damage

If the roots of a nearby tree are enough to damage a sprinkler system, there should be other signs of tree root damage nearby. For example, the thickest roots are likely making their way in all directions from the tree and might be lifting up nearby soil.

Can you trip over a tree root?

If the answer is yes, then there is a chance it has already made its way to your sprinkler system.

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