Lawn sprinklers are great for anyone who wants to keep their lawn in top shape but doesn’t necessarily have the time to do it – and lawn sprinklers are just as great because they use much less water than the old method of having to reach for a garden hose.

Most houses don’t come with lawn sprinkler systems already installed and it’s up to homeowners to choose their own home sprinkler system. If you look up “lawn sprinkler system” it’s enough to make your head spin. There are hundreds of possible options – and all you were looking for when you started this process was a simple lawn sprinkler system.

Choosing a Lawn Sprinkler System in Omaha

Breathe! It’s not as complicated as you think. Here are the essential factors you should consider when choosing a lawn sprinkler system.

Water Pressure

Water pressure isn’t the same all over and it’s one of the first things that you have to take into consideration when you want to install a water sprinkler system. If you have had issues with hooking up appliances like a washing machine, choose a lower pressure sprinkling system or you’re almost surely going to have more trouble than it’s worth. The great thing about most sprinkler systems is that they are designed to save water, and there are specific options available if you live in an area where water pressure isn’t great.


Not all water sprinklers are equal. Some of them rotate, while others skim. Some spray at a full 360 degree rotational while others do not. The rotation and movement of the sprinkler system is one of the most important things that you have to consider before you install them. Knowing more or less how your sprinkler system can tell you how many of them you’re going to need.


The area you’ll have to cover is also one of the most important things you have to think about when installing a sprinkler system. If you don’t cover the right amount of area with your sprinkler system, it can lead to dead spots on the lawn that last for the whole year.


Always consider placing for your sprinkler system. If you do it wrong, you could have dead spots on your lawn – but you could also end up with water inside your house. The instructions should tell you at least more or less how much area the sprinklers cover and where you need to put them from there, but you might have to switch them on for a test run and move them around if you didn’t get it right the first time.

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