Sprinkler systems are one of the best inventions since sliced bread, at least to anyone who wants to keep their lawn (and garden) in good and refreshed condition throughout the year without having to worry about it. Having a sprinkler means that you have an automatic system that takes care of the most important stuff in your garden – but of course, they’re only convenient tools for users when they actually function the way they’re supposed to.

A few issues can befall your sprinkler system during its lifetime. Luckily most of these issues are ones that you can fix with just a few adjustments – and you don’t even have to call in an expert.

Common Sprinkler System Repairs & Solutions

Here are some of the most common sprinkler system repairs and their solutions.

Water Pressure

Water pressure can be a headache for anyone installing a sprinkler system (or anyone who has a malfunctioning sprinkler). It’s also one of the most common issues to happen to sprinkler systems.

The first thing you should do if this happens is to check the water pressure somewhere else: If it’s the same at another connected tap, then it’s likely an overall water pressure problem: But if it’s not, check the valves of your sprinkler to see if the water is getting through.


A leaky sprinkler system is one that ends up costing you more than it’s supposed to due to serious water wastage. Should this describe your specific sprinkler issue, you should check each individual sprinkler head. First, see if they are properly attached as they should be according to the instructions; second, check that the washers and valves are properly closed. Third and last, check for any holes, perforations and wear which can happen with time.

Not Starting

The worst kind of malfunction is when your sprinkler system doesn’t start up at all: The good thing is that it’s usually a minor issue. Check all connections, and in case your sprinkler system is wired up to a smart system, update your software, reset and give it another try. Most likely, a loose or improperly fastened connection is to blame for the issue.

Wrong Times

If your sprinkler is going on and off at wrong times, refer to the instructional manual and make sure they’re calibrated in the right way: Sometimes a small error (or in the case of electronic systems, an update) can do this and similarly, all it takes is a small adjustment to fix the issue. If all else fails, reset the system to the original settings and set it up from scratch.

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