Keeping your lawn and landscaping properly watered is important. After all, you want it to look its best at all times. However, when you have an irrigation system you can be wasting a lot of water. This wasted water can add up when it comes to your water bill. There are many different ways that you can conserve water using your irrigation system.

To Conserve Water With Your Irrigation System

Moisture Sensors

One good way to help conserve water and prevent overwatering of your landscape is to install soil or rain sensors. These sensors will override the automatic watering system as needed. Rain sensors will sense rainfall and turn off your automatic system when it is raining. Rain sensors are small devices and they are typically easier to install and less expensive than a soil moisture sensor.

Soil moisture sensors are more accurate than rain sensors. These sensors cost a little bit more to purchase and install, but they are capable of detecting moisture at the root level. These sensors are more exact when measuring the amount of water your plants receive. The accuracy of a soil moisture sensor will provide you with much higher water savings than a rain sensor.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers are a great way to cover large areas of grass and landscaping. A manual sprinkler system will require you to open the valve to water the area and then shut it off yourself. When you are controlling the amount of water that you are using, the savings can add up.

Another option is an automatic sprinkler for your irrigation system. These are set to go off at certain times of the day. These can be beneficial, but they also can use more water than is necessary, especially if you forget to shut the automatic timer off when it is raining or if your plants do not need water due to extra moisture in the soil.

Watering Times

The best time to water is during the morning hours. This helps to reduce the evaporation rate. When you water in the morning you can use less water as not as much is going to be simply going up into the air. This helps to conserve water and lower your water bills each month.

Drip Irrigation Systems

If you have a smaller yard or you only need to water individual plants, a drip irrigation system is likely the best option. This type of irrigation system is very effective at supplying up to four gallons of water per hour directly into the soil. One of the main advantages of drip irrigation systems over sprinkler systems is that there is little to no water loss from runoff or evaporation. Drip irrigation is great for mulched areas as it will provide the soil with water without washing the mulch away.

Watering By The Numbers

One of the best ways to conserve water when using an irrigation system is to understand exactly how much waters your plants need. For lawns, you should water deeply, but not often. This encourages deeper roots. When watering your lawn you want to soak the soil to the depth of the roots.

When you water shrubs or trees, you should not water the leaves or the trunk. The leaves and the trunk do not carry water to the plants. Water under the edge of the leaves. This area is the drip line. This is where the roots are located. If you use a drip emitter, place them along the drip line of the trees and shrubs.

The most important rule of thumb to remember when it comes to watering is that you should do it deeply, but infrequently. You do not need to water your grass, shrubs, and trees each day. Unless you are in a drought situation, and then watering more is recommended. Use a rain gauge to determine how much rain you get each week. If your area has at least ¾ of an inch of rain or more in a week, skip your next watering session as it is unnecessary. Essentially, when it comes to conserving water, only use the amount of water that you need.

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