With housing prices in such flux this year, it makes sense to find ways to boost values in a meaningful way. There are a few different upgrades you can complete that will improve your property value, but if you are looking for the most affordable option, a sprinkler system may just be the ticket. Installing a sprinkler system has a very low investment cost when compared to its benefits. Not only will your home value go up with a sprinkler system, but you will also get a few other perks from your new irrigation system.

Does A Sprinkler System Add Value To A Home?

Conserve More Water

Being eco friendly is not only important for the environment, it also adds value to your home. When homes offer eco-friendly features the value increases due to the lifetime savings potential. Automatic sprinkler systems allow you to water your lawn at set intervals. This will ensure that your lawn and garden get the right amount of water with little to none wasted. Higher-end irrigation systems even have the ability to sense precipitation so you won’t have to worry about turning your sprinkler system during a rain shower. People in the market for a new home will enjoy finding a property well maintained and that will save them money post-purchase.

Reduce Your Workload

Sprinkler systems also add value to your home by reducing the amount of time you need to spend on lawn and garden care. Automatic sprinkler systems are both energy-efficient and time-saving which is essential for busy modern homeowners. Installing a quality irrigation system that covers the full yard and works efficiently can add property value with only a small investment. If you don’t plan to sell your home in the near future, make sure that you perform proper upkeep and maintenance to keep your sprinkler system working efficiently.

For homes set to hit the market, potential homebuyers will love the fact that there is already a system in place for easy lawn maintenance. Sprinkler systems are also known for their longevity. As long as they are winterized every season, the most a homeowner will need to worry about is the occasional affordable repair. Compared to other upgrades, a sprinkler system offers a great ROI for your buck.

Professionally Installed Sprinkler System

One of the most important ways to use a sprinkler system to add value to your property is to have it installed by professionals. This ensures that the irrigation system will be functional, professional, and efficient. Most professionally installed systems also come with multi-year maintenance plans and warranties. Potential homebuyers will value a convenient system to use that is also backed by a warranty. For homes in arid or dry regions, a high-quality irrigation system can prevent yellow lawns and wilting flower beds. A yard wide irrigation system even has the potential to boost the growth of the foliage on your property. This will reduce landscaping cost and increase curb appeal all of which add monetary value to your home.

Working with a professional sprinkler installer also ensures that along with being efficiently installed, your water sprinkler system will be properly designed to meet the needs of your property and your climate. During appraisals, many poorly designed sprinkler systems have actually lowered values while those that offer effective saturation increase values.

Boost Curb Appeal

You may hear the term curb appeal often when thinking about listing your home on the market. Curb appeal is how attractive your property looks from the street and is often the view that most positional buyers will remember. If your home has crystal and marble covering every inch of the interior, it won’t help you sell your home if it looks like a mess from the curb. Too many homeowners have found their homes harder to sell when they had lifeless landscaping, dead plants or grass, and a shabby exterior. Increasing the curb appeal of your home boosts your value and your chance of completing a quick sale.

Adding a sprinkler system to your home will help boost its value and improve the curb appeal dramatically. Your lawn and garden will get the right amount of moisture it needs to thrive without much interaction on your part. If you are an absentminded gardener, a sprinkler system will ensure your landscape and lawn looks healthy all year long.

How Much Does an In-Ground Sprinkler System Cost?

The cost of installing an in-ground sprinkler system can vary widely depending on various factors such as the size of the area to be irrigated, the complexity of the system, and the quality of materials used.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 for a basic system covering a small to medium-sized lawn. For larger properties or more elaborate systems with advanced features like weather sensors or smartphone controls, the cost can exceed $10,000.

It’s advisable to get quotes from several reputable irrigation companies in your area to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs and circumstances. Additionally, consider the long-term savings in water bills and the potential increase in property value when weighing the investment in an irrigation system.

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