Do you have a passion for gardening? Or, have you installed a beautiful colorful bed of plants and flowers around the perimeter of your home and it needs special attention with watering to keep it thriving? Drip irrigation allows water to trickle slowly near the base of the plant through a system of tubing, pipes, valves, and emitters. Most systems are relatively easy to set up, and once in place, drip irrigation creates healthier growing conditions and higher yields while saving time and money for gardeners.

Why Drip Irrigation System is Important for your Garden?

Drip irrigation is a system of narrow plastic tubes that deliver water at a slow rate directly to the surface of the soil. Since the water is emitted slowly, it has time to soak into the soil, rather than run off or through the soil.  A properly installed and monitored drip system will deliver just the right amount of water with very little waste. Once installed, it is largely hands-off, although you will want to check the moisture level of the soil every week or so as the weather changes, to make sure you are not over- or underwatering. A weekly moisture check and 30 seconds updating your timer settings will ensure proper watering all season long.

Drip irrigation can also provide useful when planning your garden. We always seed and transplant along drip lines, so that we have consistent germination and water sent right to the emerging plant roots.

Better plant health

Water penetrates slowly and deeply into the soil, placing moisture at the roots. Plants grow quickly when they are watered uniformly without stress created by a lack of water.

Less waste

A good drip irrigation system typically uses one-quarter to half the amount of water used by traditional overhead sprinklers. A good drip irrigation system, on the other hand, directs 90 percent of the water into the soil with very little loss to evaporation.

Keeps mulch intact

Drip irrigation is good for mulched areas because it can directly water the soil without washing away the mulch.

Environmental benefits

There is less chance of erosion occurring, which will result in very little runoff ending up in area streams and rivers.

Reduced risk of disease

Drip irrigation keeps foliage dry which reduces the incidence of powdery mildew and other diseases that occur in damp conditions. Overhead sprinklers do not have this feature.

Weed control

Weed seeds are water-starved and germination is limited when you set up a drip irrigation system that places water to the area directly around the plant.


Drip irrigation systems work with any soil type, and even most unleveled landscapes when configured properly.


With a drip irrigation system, you can easily hide the tubes with a layer of organic mulch.

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