Sprinkler systems are commonplace in a great deal of landscaping for homes and business properties in the United States. Unfortunately, so are sprinkler malfunctions and broken sprinkler heads.

Why You Need To Fix Broken Sprinkler Heads ASAP

While these systems are meant to last for a long time, nothing in and around the home lasts forever. As a result, you can expect to require repair or replacement for your sprinkler head system at least once every couple of years. If you moved into your property with the sprinkler system already there, it’s likely that it could need repair sooner than this.

Sprinkler systems don’t seem like the type of garden or house equipment that would need urgent maintenance. On the other hand, the truth is not maintaining your sprinkler system can lead to further issues. That is to say, you could have more wear and an increase in what your sprinkler system is costing you.

Here’s why it’s always best to fix malfunctioning or broken sprinkler heads as soon as you’ve noticed something could be wrong.

Diagnosing Sprinkler Head Issues

One of the first questions for sprinkler system owners is, “How do I know when there’s a sprinkler head problem?”

Several things can act as an early indicator of sprinkler head problems. If a part of your lawn is losing its freshness, then it’s time to take a closer look. Furthermore, the same is true if you should notice that any pressure along the line of your sprinkler system isn’t as good as expected.

Other sprinkler head problems are more obvious. Sometimes, the sprinkler head just stops working the way it should. (The fact that it stops working is a pretty clear indication that it needs either repair or replacement).

Wasted Water

Water might be taken for granted by many people, but sprinkler owners tend to know when there’s something wrong with their water supply – especially the water going to their sprinkler system. If your sprinkler system is malfunctioning, you’ll notice that your water consumption levels might be higher than they should.

A great deal of wasted water can go into a non-working or malfunctioning sprinkler system. The longer the system is left to continue, the more water is wasted. Subsequently, the higher your water bills could be.

High water bill and can’t figure out why? Make sure that your sprinkler heads are doing their job as they should.

Pressure Reduction

Always check the pressure on every sprinkler head individually. Where there’s a reduction in pressure (or a change in your lawn), there’s almost certainly a problem.

A malfunctioning sprinkler head could be the cause of this issue.

Fixing the sprinkler head will remedy the pressure reduction.

Increased Expenses

Why should you fix your sprinkler head and/or sprinkler system as soon as possible?

It’s expensive not to. The wasted water can lead to wasted expenses. Water is one of the most important resources available to us. Most importantly, when you have a malfunctioning sprinkler head, you have far too much of it going nowhere.

One of the most important reasons to fix your malfunctioning sprinkler system is this.

Without a proper sprinkler system, it’s not uncommon to rack up hundreds worth in water bills without realizing it.

Lawn Effect

If you want to know if your sprinkler system is working properly, watch your lawn.

Sprinkler systems are meant to keep the lawn in perfect health, but when the system itself isn’t healthy, neither is the lawn. Any dark, browning, or dead spots present in areas the sprinkler system should be taking care of can signal that it’s time to take a closer look at your sprinkler heads.

Fix your sprinkler head as soon as possible for this reason, too. Your lawn is able to remain in a better condition throughout the year when your sprinkler system works the way it should.

Wear Gets Worse

If you don’t fix your sprinkler system when there’s an obvious problem (or you don’t maintain an existing sprinkler system), then you’re guaranteed to have even more problems in the future. Wear happens over time, but wear can also get worse when it gets even more time.

Have you ever known someone who left a small issue in their car until it became a huge one – and then something huge happened? A sprinkler system can be viewed in much the same way. Never leave your sprinkler head system until wear gets any worse.

The moment you’ve noticed that there’s a problem, it’s time to fix it.

Fixing Means an Improvement

There are instances where repairing your existing sprinkler head system might not be enough to fix what’s wrong; this is most common in houses where the sprinkler system is already outdated – but might even be the case with systems installed while you’ve been occupying the property.

Replacement of your existing sprinkler system can mean that you can opt for improvement.

Yes, there are technologically advanced sprinkler systems out there: These can be hooked up to a smartphone or set to an intelligent timer where your current system doesn’t have this advantage.

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