Sprinkler systems can range from simple (think above-ground systems you attach to your garden hose) to incredibly complex (in-ground irrigation systems). No matter what type of sprinkler system you use, you depend on it to irrigate your lawn. Spotting problems early allows you to take action quickly — and keep your yard in good shape. How do you know if your sprinkler head is bad? All sprinkler heads have at least two parts; the nozzle and the body. In-ground systems tend to have more complex designs and more components that can break.

How Do I Know if My Sprinkler Head Is Bad?

Watch out for these warning signs as you try to determine what’s wrong with your in-ground sprinkler system.

1. Your Sprinkler Head Doesn’t Spray Water

If one of your sprinkler heads doesn’t do what it’s meant to and spray water, that is a surefire sign the sprinkler head is bad. Before you get a replacement or call a sprinkler repair company near you, though — there might be an easy fix!

In some cases, the sprinkler head could just be dirty. Oftentimes soil and debris like decaying leaves or gravel can build up in sprinkler heads. Thoroughly rinsing the head may get your sprinkler system working again. Have you tried to clean the sprinkler head only to find it still doesn’t work? If so, now is the time to take more drastic steps.

2. The Sprinkler Head Doesn’t Pop Up

If the sprinkler head nozzle doesn’t pop up, then the sprinkler head might be irreparably damaged. Try giving it a good rinse. If your cleaning efforts don’t fix the problem, consider replacing the sprinkler head.

3. Your Rotary Sprinkler Head Doesn’t Turn

Rotary sprinkler systems come in several types of designs. This type of sprinkler system has gears, and the head frequently contains plastic parts with a limited lifespan. Your sprinkler system can’t function properly if the head doesn’t rotate.

Is it broken? That’s the most likely answer, but you might also have clogged sprinkler heads. A lack of steady flow or low water pressure can also stop sprinkler heads from rotating properly.

4. Water Leaks From the Sprinkler Head

Is water coming out of your sprinkler head — but not from the right part? You definitely have a problem. In this case, the sprinkler valve is just as likely to be broken as the sprinkler head. Water leaks in your lawn irrigation system point to a complex issue.

Skip the DIY sprinkler head fixes and call a local sprinkler repair company. Fixing a sprinkler system water leak on your own can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs.

Your Sprinkler Head Is Still Broken: What Next?

It’s possible that your sprinkler head can be fixed, but you may also have to replace it.

If you use a cheap above-ground sprinkler that you attach to your garden hose, get a new one.

In-ground sprinkler systems are far more costly and complex in design. Don’t try to fix the problem with your sprinkler head if you don’t know how. Instead, call a reputable sprinkler repair company in your area that may be able to fix your sprinkler head. If the sprinkler head is beyond repair, a sprinkler system repair company can replace the head without compromising your entire irrigation system.

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