Home lawn sprinkler systems can make a surprising difference to the health and beauty of your garden, raise your property value, and save you a lot of time. Can you fully automate your home lawn sprinklers, so that you can operate them with the click of a few buttons, though? Keep reading to find out!

How to Automate Your Home Lawn Sprinkler

Next-level automation that makes your sprinkler experience nearly completely hands-off is indeed possible. Here’s what to keep in mind if you’re determined to automate your home lawn sprinklers.

1. You Can Upgrade Your Current Home Lawn Sprinkler System with a Timer

Do you already own a sprinkler system and don’t want to invest in a new one? You can still enjoy the benefits of automation by buying a timer (also called a controller) for your existing home lawn sprinkler system.

Some people still use the mechanical timers popular in decades past, but most have moved onto digital sprinkler timers or smart sprinkler controllers. Orbit and Melnor are two examples of brands selling mechanical and digital sprinkler timers that can make your life much more convenient with watering schedules.

Keep in mind that:

  • Mechanical timers are mounted directly to your sprinkler system. They don’t allow you to control multiple zones separately, but they do allow you to keep your lawn watered without switching your sprinkler on manually.
  • Many digital sprinkler timers allow you to put each sprinkler zone on a different time schedule, making them perfect for larger lawns.
  • Many digital sprinkler systems can be mounted inside your home, allowing you to change the settings without having to go outside. Some come with apps that allow for full remote control.

2. You Could Invest in a Smart Sprinkler System for Your Lawn

Homeowners who want to take their sprinklers to the next level should consider investing in one of the innovative smart sprinkler systems that have recently hit the market.

These cutting-edge systems offer more than just a timer. Smart irrigation systems are designed to make sure you cut down on water consumption and allow you to control many zones (usually up to eight) separately. Some smart sprinkler systems monitor soil moisture levels and alert you to problems with your sprinkler system.

Rachio, Skydrop, and Netro are among the companies that offer some of the most exciting smart sprinkler systems at the moment. These systems represent a significant investment but also make your life predictably more convenient.

3. You’ll Still Have to Manually Inspect Your Sprinkler System From Time to Time

Implementing an automated sprinkler system means a mechanical or digital tool takes over the day-to-day running of your home lawn sprinkler — guided by your instructions. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll never have to look at your sprinkler system or lawn again.

Even the best sprinkler systems suffer from wear and tear over time, and problems are always possible. Inspect your sprinkler system regularly if you invest in an automated system, and adjust the settings of your smart controller when needed.

The sprinkler systems of the future may be fully robot-operated, but for now, we still have a role to play in keeping our lawns healthy.

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