The popularity of traditional lawns has declined due to water restrictions and myths about lawn care. Lawns are great to have but can be high-maintenance and often criticized for their supposed high water needs. Here’s a big secret about lawn care. Lawns don’t have to be difficult to maintain, and it’s not necessary for your lawn to guzzle hundreds of dollars worth of water every season. Here’s how to get a low-maintenance lawn with a sprinkler system.

How to Get a Low-Maintenance Lawn with a Sprinkler System

Upgrade Your Sprinkler System

Upgrade your sprinkler system to a newer, more efficient model. Modern sprinkler systems are designed to prioritize water conservation and efficiency. In comparison, older models are still very basic. An upgrade automatically means your sprinkler system is more efficient and often easier to operate.

Use Efficient Sprinkler Heads For A Low-Maintenence Lawn

Replace your sprinkler heads with more efficient ones designed to let out less water over a larger spread. This is a better way to care for your lawn. It reduces your overall water consumption level while still watering the bulk of your lawn.

Sprinkler heads may vary depending on the target areas of the yard. People use standard pop-up sprinkler heads for general lawn watering. However, perennial plants in flowerbeds and vegetable gardens may have different requirements.

Efficient sprinkler heads might be an expense, but it’s still cheaper than what you’ll pay for water in the long run.

Calculate the Flow Speed

Setting the flow speed means that your sprinkler system works more efficiently. This lets just the optimal amount of water through – instead of more water than your lawn needs to stay green.

Most sprinkler systems allow valve adjustments for individual sprinkler heads. Some systems even use apps for easier adjustments.

Space Spinklers Differently

Space your sprinklers differently, and arrange them to water only the most essential parts of your lawn. If there’s too much overlap between your sprinklers, you’re wasting water, not saving any of it.

Consult your system’s guidebook for instructions on better spacing. Some even make practical suggestions for different arrangements of your sprinkler line.

Time Your Sprinkler

Set your sprinkler systems to a specific time to ensure your lawn gets the right amount of water your lawn requires at the best time of day.

Watering at the wrong time can be damaging. Doing this can either burn the lawn, or water can simply dissipate before it gets a chance to soak into the roots. Time your sprinkler right; use the best watering time, especially in the hot summer months.

Use the App

Modern sprinkler systems have all sorts of upgrades that earlier, older sprinklers lacked. Smart phone apps are an addition to some modern sprinkler systems that give you total control over how much water is going where.

If your sprinkler system comes with a management app, use it to save water, time, and money.

Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives To Consider

Consider the type of grass needed in your yard. Some grass lawns thrive in full sun, partial shade, or areas with moderate foot traffic. The water needs may be different.

Lawn alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as well. You can adjust your irrigation system to fit the needs of a yard with minimal water needs. Consider the following:

  • Ground covering creeping thyme
  • Drought-tolerant native plants
  • Clover lawn
  • Ornamental grasses

Fix Irrigation System Issues

Maintenance can make your sprinkler system last longer, and work more efficiently than before. If your sprinkler system isn’t working as well as it used to, fix sprinkler issues.

Rust can slow down water flow, and leaks can reduce water pressure. Valves and nozzles, just like everything else along the sprinkler line, must be maintained.

Keeping your system maintained guarantees more efficient use so your sprinkler system will function the way it should.

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