A leaking sprinkler isn’t just an inconvenience, but something that can end up costing you a lot of money. Sprinkler systems that are leaking can seem as if you are throwing money into a fountain. On top of that, you’re wasting water – one of the most essential resources that we have on the planet. If some parts of your garden aren’t getting the right amount of water during sprinkling (or if your water bill has recently skyrocketed), then it could be due to a leaking sprinkler system. Sprinkler leaks are like the gremlins of gardening, and they can be hard to locate once they’ve started.

How to Tell If a Sprinkler System is Leaking

Listen to the Sprinkler System

We all know what a sprinkler system is really supposed to sound like. People who spend a lot of time in the garden or outside may notice that their sprinkler system simply sounds abnormal to them. If the sound of your sprinkler system suddenly changes, then it could indicate that there’s a problem – especially if the sound wasn’t occurring yesterday or the day before that.

Start looking for a sprinkler leak if you can combine any of the other potential signs in this post with a change in the sound of the sprinkler’s spray.

Wet Patches Along the Sprinkler Line

If you keep finding wet patches along the sprinkler line that can’t be attributed to any other cause (such as early morning rains or a pipe leak under the ground), then it could be that this leak is coming from your sprinkler instead.

When there’s an active sprinkler leak, all of that water has to go somewhere, and this could create a moist surface on your lawn or sidewalk.

Look right under the recurring wet patch in your lawn or garden, and you are more likely to find the source of the sprinkler leak on your first try.

Remember to examine the rest of the sprinkler line too. Sometimes you may have more than one leak causing a problem.

Dead or Dying Patches in the Garden

When there isn’t adequate water flow to the plants and trees in your garden due to a sprinkler leak, it could cause some plants to react to the sudden change in their regular watering routine. Some plants may die off, and you could see dead or dying patches in the garden – or plants reacting with sagging leaves as a result.

Do you notice that your garden isn’t as bright and lively as it was yesterday?

Look for a sprinkler leak and any other signs of one that may be present.

An Increased Water Bill

An increased water bill is one of the first things that you should look for. If it’s not a municipal leak or billing error, then a skyrocketing water bill is probably due to a sprinkler leak.

Water is pretty expensive, and a leaking sprinkler system can cost you a lot more.

Examine water lines along the entire length of your sprinkler system if you notice that you suddenly appear to be using a lot more water than usual.

Reduced Water Pressure

When taking a look at the entire sprinkler line, note any reduced water pressure at one (or more) of the sprinkler heads. When there’s a water leak present somewhere, you can sometimes expect to see highly reduced water pressure. This can affect one or more sprinkler heads or it can affect the entire line at the same time.

Reduced water pressure could be several different issues, but a water leak in your sprinkler is one of the most common reasons why this may happen. If you can combine several issues in this post with reduced pressure in the pipes, you’re probably looking at a sprinkler leak under the surface.

Regularly examine the entire length of your lawn and garden irrigation system during watering cycles. If you notice any of the problems listed above, contact the Omaha sprinkler system professionals to remove the section causing the problem to get your garden and watering routine back to normal.

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