Today, USA local municipalities and water agencies are recognizing the need to be water-wise. The problem was that their original plan to charge more for water didn’t work well. As a result, they decided to charge less – or to at least provide an incentive to homeowners and businesses to lower their yard water consumption. To incentivize consumers, local municipalities and water agencies are now offering a rebate(s) on utility bills when homeowners and businesses install efficient irrigation equipment.

Omaha is no exception when it comes to landscape irrigation rebates. While different states offer different amounts and incentivize the installation of different equipment, the list is fairly generic. Below is a sample list of what offers could be on the table. In some cases, rebates are enough to cover the irrigation equipment installation costs. Rebates and local municipal budgets are subject to change, so please contact your local Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) office for more information.

Landscape Irrigation Rebate Program in Omaha

Potential Rebates

  • Installing a rain sensor: $120.00
  • Installing either a soil moisture sensor or TE controller: $400.00
  • Relocating sprinklers for more effective coverage: $120.00
  • Creating hydro-zones – using a different line for grass and beds: $400.00
  • Installing multi-stream, multi-trajectory nozzles to replicate precipitation patterns: $400.00
  • Installation of micro-irrigation: drip line, micro-jets: $400.00
  • Converting mechanical irrigation systems to digital/ electric with timer and valves: $500.00
  • Installing an irrigation sub-meter: $100.00
  • Installing a rainwater collection system (70-gallon barrel+) $400.00
  • Submission of alternative water conservation strategy: $TBD

MUD Rebate Form

The Omaha MUD Rebate form should be available online or from the local municipality. The following is some of the information you will need to know and to provide when requesting a rebate:

Rebates only apply to retrofitted equipment so new builds are not eligible.

Rebates are not guaranteed and are subject to available municipal funds.

Complete the form in full, or MUD will reject it.

Approved rebates will be credited to your utility bill, so don’t simply deduct the amount when paying the bill or you will be in arrears.

You will need to verify that you are in fact a MUD customer.

You will need to fill in your MUD account number.

The MUD reserves the right to inspect the equipment on site.

Proof of purchase must be provided in the form of an invoice or work order. This should state the product brand and model number. The name of the installer should also appear on the invoice or work order.

Shut-off devices must be installed by a licensed sprinkler contractor.

A shut-off device rebate cannot exceed the amount indicated on the invoice even if a potential rebate on offer is higher.

The form and proof of purchase may need to be mailed in, so confirm the postal address.

There may be a limited permissible period between installation and requesting a rebate, so it’s best to apply for the rebate on installation. Don’t leave it for months.

Above all else don’t forget to sign and date the request form!

Additional Information: Rebates – Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD)

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