Temperatures nationwide are soaring well above the 100s, people are flustered, and the ground is dry. While states like California experienced record rainfalls in 2022 and 2023, ending the drought in that region, other areas are dealing with dry conditions. Municipalities that don’t manage their water resources correctly could run out of water in the dreaded “zero-day” scenario. Cities must manage community water consumption to reduce water waste to ensure this situation doesn’t occur. The Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) voluntary water restrictions encouraged this summer aim to conserve as much of this critical resource as possible.

MUD Water Use Restrictions

What are the MUD Mandatory Water Rules?

Many water restrictions come in different levels, depending on the severity of drought in the region. Typically, municipalities implement the following water conservation measures.

  • Limiting watering outdoor landscapes to twice a week at most.
  • Homeowners should prevent excess water runoff when soaking their landscapes.
  • Hoses used for washing cars must have a shut-off nozzle.
  • Homeowners may not use water to spray away debris from driveways and other walkways.
  • Homeowners must shut down any water features.

When it comes to gardening maintenance, homeowners are urged to water their lawns or flowerbeds in the early morning during the summer months. If found violating MUD restrictions during a declared water emergency, the homeowner could face having their water shut off until the water emergency is lifted, plus having to pay the current turn-on fee to restore service.

MUD Water Use Restrictions and Your Lawn

MUD water restrictions are necessary, and most residents comply with the request to conserve water under these conditions. However, there is some confusion about when homeowners can use water and when they can’t. MUD asks customers to avoid these activities:

  • Irrigating/sprinkling lawns (unless for new sod)
    Filling swimming pools
    Hosing down driveways
    Running decorative fountains

There’s plenty of conflicting info surrounding the use of water under MUD water restrictions. Homeowners must understand how their utility provider implements water restrictions in their area.

If you aren’t clear on when you can use water or at what time of the day you can water your lawn, reach out to your utility provider for answers. Many municipalities limit watering of lawns to one day a week. These ongoing restrictions assist municipalities with managing water resources during a drought.

MUD restrictions apply to outdoor watering using automatic/in-ground irrigation systems or a hose-end sprinkler system. Some municipalities ban watering of lawns and flowerbeds between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm to limit the evaporative effect during the peak sun hours of the day.

In most cases, MUD restrictions use your house number to indicate when you can water your lawn without violating the MUD guidelines.

  • Monday – No watering
  • Tuesday – Home addresses with an even address
  • Wednesday – Home addresses with an odd address
  • Thursday – Home addresses with an even address
  • Friday – Home addresses with an odd address
  • Saturday – Home addresses with an even address
  • Sunday – Home addresses with an odd address

MUD restrictions come with some benefits for homeowners. For instance, municipalities may offer rebates to homeowners toward sprinkler system upgrades and evaluations if they transition their systems to water-efficient models.

How Much Water Can I Use?

Several websites offer recommendations on how much water they can use when watering their lawn and flowerbeds. It’s important for homeowners to manually water their lawns, as leaving an irrigation system on an automated schedule may increase water consumption if there’s a power outage that resets the timer.

Check if your municipality offers facilities to track water usage by hour and day. They may also have services allowing you to self-inspect, identify leaks on your property, and understand how you use water around your garden. Compare your water consumption to people in your neighborhood and set alerts to track over-consumption.

Additional Information: M.U.D. Voluntary Outdoor Water Restrictions Extended Three Weeks, Requests No Watering on Mondays

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