The winter brings along cold weather, frost, snow, and even freezing temperatures. Most plants hibernate during the winter months. Even house plants stop their growth cycle. So, should you water your lawn in the winter?

Watering your lawn is a task that most gardeners and property owners perform regularly to help maintain a lush, green turf. In the winter, many people wonder if it is a good idea to water their lawns so they stay healthy even though there may be snow on the ground.

Should You Water Your Lawn In The Winter

If you are curious about winter lawn care and keeping your lawn healthy, we can help. Keep reading to learn more about caring for your grass in the cooler months and if you should water your lawn, trees, and shrubs in the winter.

Understanding Grass Roots

Every plant or tree has a root system, and it is here that most nourishment occurs. Understanding the need for roots and how to care for them when the temperature drops is essential. This will ensure that your grass is well cared for and healthy all year long.

Although grass is dormant during the cool season, it is not dead. Take care of the roots to keep your lawn hydrated and healthy even in the winter. In the drought season or in the winter, if grassroots go without moisture for too long, they can get dehydrated. This will eventually cause them to die.

Grass can look healthy even when it is drying out under the surface. During the winter, it is important to keep the roots watered especially during the cold dry season.

Proper Winter Watering

Now that you know watering your grass is essential even during the winter, knowing when to water is the next step. It is best to water your grass before the ground is too cold and ahead of the frost. This will help keep your lawn and its roots safe from frost damage while ensuring it has time to soak the moisture it needs to thrive.

Water helps the grass to survive over the long winter and fight against the normal damage that comes from cold and frost during the winter season. Try to water your entire lawn in the daytime for at least a couple of days before the frost is set to hit. This will give the water plenty of time to absorb and reach the roots to soak into the surrounding soil.

Don’t Over Water Your Lawn

It can be tempting to soak your lawn knowing that you won’t water it again for some time. This is one of the worst things you can do.

Over the summer months, grass needs more water because the heat and the direct rays of the sun cause moisture to evaporate. In addition, in the spring and summer, your grass is in its active growth cycle, so it needs more moisture and nutrients to grow.

In the winter, there is less heat and your grass is dormant. You will only need to give your lawn about an inch of water each week during the cooler months, which is generally half of the amount it would get during the spring and summer.

Final Thoughts On Winter Lawn Care

The first step in achieving a magazine-worthy lawn is proper care and watering. Once you have these steps in order, you should focus on winterizing your grass. Make sure your sprinkler systems are drained to prevent damage over the cold months and keep the roots of your grass from getting waterlogged.

The last thing you want is a pipe to burst in the middle of winter leaving your lawn waterlogged and filled with patches of ice. Work with a professional lawn care company in Omaha to get your lawn winter-ready.

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