Watering the lawn with a garden hose takes too much time and wastes a lot of water and money. The purpose of a sprinkler system is to help busy property owners keep their lawns looking great and add resale value. However, opinions differ on the issue of what comes first – the landscaping project or the irrigation system. It depends in part on what type of landscaping you are wanting to do. Is it a case of reshaping an existing garden or a case of bringing in the dozers to level the outdoor space? In either scenario, find out whether or not you will need a permit before beginning installing a sprinkler system.

Should You Install Sprinklers Before Landscaping?

Landscaping First

The main reason for landscaping first is so that the big digging work which could damage irrigation pipes is over and done with. The other benefit of landscaping first is that it will give the irrigation installers an idea of where to install sprinkler heads. They will be able to assess the size and style of sprinkler heads for different areas and for different types of plants.

Installation First

Promoters of sprinkler system installation first point to the planning component. It is important to understand where and how the sprinklers will work. The creation of coverage areas and zones requires a lot of stomping around in the proposed flower beds. The installation process often requires the adjustment of pipes. Also, the installation crew will need to modify the direction and flow of sprinklers after they have been in action. This necessitates a lot of backward and forwards which can be very messy and harmful for growing plants.

During sprinkler installation, workers will need to tune the system to eliminate water waste. Overwatering some sections comes at the expense of other areas not receiving enough irrigation. In some cases, workers might need to change a sprinkler head to match the size of the area they are serving. Finalize your landscaping design once the installation is complete and the alterations are made. By installing the sprinkler system first there is less of a threat to damaging new plants and grass.

Middle Ground

Deciding whether you should complete landscaping or irrigation installation first can be a tricky decision. A win-win solution perhaps is to do a combination. This would involve installing the irrigation after the flower beds have been partially planted and before the lawn goes down. Installing the irrigation system before the beds are fully planted will mitigate the risk of plants being damaged and the newly laid sod won’t have to be dug up and re-laid.

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