After a long winter, your lawn is in desperate need of some spring lawn care. The great thing is that spring weather is almost perfect as the sun shines and the air is warmer. Chances are good that after being cooped up all winter you are ready to get out into your yard and do some work. Spring lawn preparation is necessary if you want a  backyard that looks great in the summer.

Here are some spring lawn care tips to get you that perfect lawn that you desire.

Spring Lawn Preparation

Soil Moisture

You need to be sure there is adequate moisture for grass growth in the spring. The ground is typically wetter due to snowmelt. The most critical task is to make sure water is getting to the roots of your lawn.

According to the UNL Extension experts, the ideal time to water is early morning. Preferably, 4 am to 10am. This allows the grass blades to dry, making them less susceptible to foliar diseases.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Mulching mowers and compost make great organic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers can also be used. The most important thing to remember is that you should keep the feeding smaller in the spring.

We recommend feeding heavier during the fall months. Too much lawn fertilizer during the spring can cause weed problems and disease throughout your yard. Applying fertilizer in the fall means your lawn will still have some left to feed off during the early part of spring.

Spring and fall are the perfect time to apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn. This will give your lawn a steady supply of nutrients.

However, be aware of the type of grasses you have in your yard. Cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses have different needs. Check with your lawn care professional to make sure you don’t put your lawn at risk.

Weed Prevention

Who doesn’t want a lawn that is free of weeds? Lawn preparation in the early spring is mostly about preventing weeds and fostering healthy growth. It is important to remember that all lawn weeds are not dealt with in the same way.

The first step is determining whether the weed is perennial or annual. Apply Pre-emergent herbicides for annual weeds. Post-emergent herbicides are used on perennial weeds.

Do you use a preemergent herbicide? If so, you mustn’t do any more core aeration after application as this will puncture the chemical barrier.

If weeds have already taken over your lawn, using a post-emergent herbicide is recommended. Pulling the weeds by hand and then using herbicide in the areas can help prevent the weeds from returning.


If you have issues with crabgrass, you might want to consider using both preemergent and post-emergent herbicides. Crabgrass can be very difficult to eradicate. Crabgrass starts assaulting yards in spring when temperatures are consistently around 65 to 70 degrees.

Using a pre-emergent herbicide will address the weeds before the weed seeds can germinate. This type of weed killer will perform a barrier on the top of the soil that will prevent the weed from growing shoots and roots. If you know that you have an issue with crabgrass, applying the herbicide and fertilizer during the spring can be helpful.

Apply Grass Seed

Prepare your lawn for spring by applying grass seed to your lawn in the fall. Prepare bare spots on your lawn before seeding. The temperatures are cooling and the broadleaf weeds are dying at this time making it an ideal time to seed.

Lawn Mower Service

Finally, remember that with spring comes lawn mowing. This is a good time to get your lawnmower serviced to ensure that it will remain running throughout the entire mowing season.

Start the mower and make sure that it is running properly. If you notice anything wrong, such as difficulty starting or unusual noise, have it checked out by a professional. Follow these spring lawn care steps to ensure you are ready to keep your yard in tip-top shape all summer long.

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