A sprinkler system might not seem like much to the average onlooker, but it can be a gardener’s saving grace (and on top of that, it’s truly a modern engineering feat). If you have just moved into a home or business with a sprinkler system or recently had your own system installed, remember this important fact: sprinkler system maintenance is just as important as maintaining other critical components around and inside your property.

What Kind of Sprinkler System Maintenance is Needed?

Here’s your quick guide to what kind of maintenance a sprinkler system needs.

Why is sprinkler system maintenance important?

Sprinkler systems are made up of several components, each with its own function. Some types of sprinkler systems are fancier than others depending on their features such as electronic controls. All types of sprinkler systems wear over time – or rather, the components will.

Clogged valves and stuck meters are common maintenance issues related to sprinklers. Regular sprinkler system maintenance ensures that water gets to where it needs to and that no essential resources are wasted as a result of blockages or leaks.

How often should you schedule sprinkler system maintenance?

A sprinkler system needs maintenance often, but how often isn’t the same answer for everyone.

An old sprinkler system should be checked frequently. Newly installed sprinkler systems (and newer models) can be checked once every six to eight weeks – although in some cases, more frequent maintenance checks can be necessary.

Contact a local sprinkler system maintenance company if you spot any problems with your sprinkler system. It’s an even better idea to contact a sprinkler system maintenance company near you before these problems arise.

Important Components of a Sprinkler System that Need Maintenance

1. The Water Meter

The water meter measures the amount of water going through the sprinkler system. Water meters are usually one of the first things that break or malfunction. It’s a lot like the speed meter on a car, which often got stuck in older model cars.

Water meters can cost a lot more when they don’t work properly. Therefore, it is better to pay the cost to maintain or replace the water meter.

2. Valves

Valves control the water output, and just how much water flows through. When valves don’t work, you have sure water wastage. This can increase your irrigation costs without you realizing it until you receive the water bill. Always check that valves work the way they’re supposed to, and fix them immediately when they don’t.

3. Heads

Sprinkler heads control what comes out of the other end. Sprinkler heads that don’t work properly will either impair water from reaching areas of your lawn or throw a lot of wasted water all over the place in directions you don’t need it.

Just like malfunctioning valves, broken sprinkler heads can increase your watering costs.

4. Hoses & Pipes

Hoses and pipes don’t have an eternal lifespan. In fact, hoses and pipes can reach the end of their time in a month’s worth of use. Frequently check the integrity of hoses, pipes, and connectors. If you think there might be a leak in the system, contact a local sprinkler system repair company immediately.

Leaks can be big trouble but are also easy to fix.

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