You don’t have to live on a golf course to have the perfect lawn. All it takes is a little love and care, and the right amount of water at the correct time. Watering your yard at the best time of the day can help guarantee a green lawn. However, if you start watering at the wrong time, this can kill off patches of the lawn, or fry a huge section of grass. Everyone wants a perfect lawn, not an accidental crop circle. We can help you achieve a lawn your neighbors will envy!

Here’s your guide to proper lawn care, and when you should start to water your lawn during the day and year for the greenest, and most beautiful lawn on the block.

When Should I Start Watering My Lawn?

Lawn Care: The Basics

Your lawn should be seen as an entire ecosystem that can either be thriving or slowly fading away. What we call a lawn is a collection of grass plants, which throw their root systems into the ground and mat together. Healthy, moist soil leads to a greener lawn. Meanwhile, perpetually dry soil causes grass to die at the roots. This can lead to patches of lawn that you might need to replace if they have been left in this state for too long.

Lawns, like herbs, enjoy being trimmed. Cutting grass down has the same effect as harassing a potted herb such as basil. This process actually promotes healthier growth. The basic rules of lawn care say that you should treat your lawn like an individual garden. It’s just as alive as any collection of potted plants or rose bushes. Just like you would plant herbs or flowers only at certain points of the year, it’s best to start the lawn watering process at the right stage.

What Don’t Lawns Like?

There are several things that lawns don’t like. A lawn can be unhappy due to the following factors:

  • Overwatering
  • Underwatering
  • Acidic soil
  • High clay-content soil

Lawns also don’t enjoy areas that do not get any sun. Lawns that get full shade (all the time) will eventually begin to show it.

Lawns, being alive, don’t like to be compressed by large amounts of weight. Anything from rocks to fallen-over tree trunks can cause the grass to die.

When Should I Start Watering My Lawn?

The best time of year to start watering the lawn is in spring, while the conditions are still preparing for summer to come about. Winter and fall generally don’t require as much close lawn care as summer and spring months, only maintenance.

Begin watering the lawn as soon as you begin to see the first signs of rising temperatures. Most gardeners have a keen eye for when flowers and birds are about to get ready for the season ahead.

Water moderately: most grass types don’t like overwatering. Remember, you are not trying to create a water-logged swamp.

What Are the Best Times to Water the Lawn?

It’s not just about the season when it comes to lawn care and watering. Obtaining a green lawn has a lot to do with the time of day you are watering as well.

The best time to water the lawn is in the early morning, just before sunrise. This allows plants to take full advantage of the moisture. The second best time to water your lawn is just around sunset.

Never water the lawn nearing mid-day, or in extremely high temperatures where it will get full sun. Droplets will create a magnifying glass effect that can kill grass and plants.

How Should I Water My Lawn?

Although the old hose-and-patience method works for potted plants, it’s not the best or most economical means to get the job done. A sprinkler system wired up to water collection tank gives you the most environmentally friendly option possible.

The Best Lawn Around

If you want the best lawn on the block, it’s not just about how much you water, but when. A little amount of thought goes a long way. Watering your lawn can even be beneficial to the surrounding ecosystem and not just the view.

Additional Information: Dry Weather, Dry Plants, Fire Risks

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